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Saturday, October 30, 2010


On 07/10/10, Vito Eme released the single – Overdose – with Eboi who is known for his many performances with Adam Tensta in Scandinavia, Africa and the US. On the track, he raps in Spanish and Eboi spits in English. One of Vito Eme’s goals is to write new street vocabulary. With Overdose, they do just that, taking a word with a negative connotation, turning it into something positive, powerful.
The upbeat Latino rhythms and the elegance of Spanish marries well both with reggae and hip-hop, something Vito Eme intends to work — hard. His goal is to constantly experiment looking for new ways to express himself and he has built a broad platform in performing and collaborating with hip-hop, reggae/dancehall and reggaeton artists worldwide. Vito Eme has a unique edge. His artistry, multicultural background and language skills lend itself handsomely to collaborations. He can just as easily synch with those doing a Swedish project, as rapping in Spanish on a major collabo with international artists.

Music by Crown & Keione,
Video by Daniel Bramme/Mirus Film

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