AABT ENT. Picture Diary

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Without a doubt one of ma favorit rappers in the Game. This brother is the str8 definition of SWAG. T.I. converted me into a fan when i first heard his smash hit BIG THINGS POPPIN. That track got me hooked like hard yo. I remember watching the music channels allday just waiting to get a glimpse of the video which was hella dope, definately one of the dopest rap vids of all time if you ask me. His album T.I. vs T.I.P was also another success story as i was really feelin that album but his latest album papertrail came as dissapointment after much anticipation. Damn the whole album was about Gucci etc etc braggin about his cars, shoes, clothes, am like HELL NAW (slimthugga voice) NIGGA. Non the less T.I still has a spot amongst ma favorit rappers so its all blessed. Enjoy some of this talented dudes music a.k.a that Trap Muzik.

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