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Thursday, May 27, 2010


haha lemme share with ya'll a lil joke ma girl Suzana shared with me.

Fellas if your girl acting up. learn from this guy cuz he sure knows how to put a female in check. you gotta read this, just read it ya'll get the point

Actually I never understood why a need for sex is so much different when it comes to a man or a woman. Really, I never understood all this crap about Mars and Venus. Just like I never understood why men thinks with their head and women with their heart. For example: one night last week, me and my wife in bed.. Lust was already in the air... when all of the sudden she says " i cant do it today, im not in the mood... i just want u to hold me in ur arms tonight." I was shocked and i said : WHAT?What's up with that now?! And then she said the words that every normal guy on this planet fear to hear them : U just dont understand my emotinal needs, that i have as a woman, to satisfy ur physical needs that u have as a man".. She saw my dumb look on my face, and she said : Can't u love me for who i am, and not because of what i do in bed with u?".. After she said all that, i knew that i wont get any tonight, so i rolled over to my side of the bed, farted a couple of times and fell asleep..
Next day i called in for work, and tell them that im takin a few days off to spend some time with my wife. First i took her to lunch, and then to a big mall that has a large lingerie department and women clothin..She tried on some expensive clothes, but she couldnt decide which one she wants.. so i said to her... i'll buy all three. She wanted shoes too, to match them with her new clothes, and i told her, that i'll buy a pair of shoes for each of them clothes.. After that we went to a jewelry department, where i bought her a pair of diamond rings.. I'm tellin u, she was sooooo excited. Im sure she was thinkin that I had to be near the bancropcy. And when she said she wants a pair of tenis shoes, even tho she has never played tenis in her life, i thought, she's probably testing me. Thinkin that im playin with her.. so i just said.. Sure dear, u can have that too.. Im tellin u, all that excitment,made her almost had an orgasm right there. With a smile on her face, she said to me " i think that's all, we can go to a cash desk now".. I was havin a hard time not to laugh, when i said to her : Im sorry dear, i cant do it today, im not in the mood".. her face went blue, her lower jar fell down to her knees.. she said :WHAT??! Then i said to her: U just dont understand my financial problems, that i have as a man, to satisfy ur need for shopin, that u have as a woman". And when she was about to kill me with her look, i said to her " Cant u love me for who i am, instead of loving me for the things i buy u?".. I guess im not gettin any tonight either. ;) 


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