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Monday, March 1, 2010

Cool! Whats Cool?

Cool! define cool? is it the way you act? is it how you are as a person? whats makes a individual cool? I bet many have their own impressions of cool but i can tell you my impression of cool. According to me for one to be "cool", one has to keep it real with themselves. A individual who is just doing him/her without really caring what others think bout them. A individual who does things not to impress or brag or try get some shine, but a individual who is purely being himself/herself ! and if his/her actions are defined as cool, then COOL.

Now thats what i call cool, keep it real ya'll,
Fucka tryina be what others want you to be, be yourself
came into this world by ya lonely, role by ya lonely.



1 comment:

  1. I totally agree with ya.. If im hhonest, it's pretty terrfying when i go out, seein the youth tryna act cool, with those fancy expensive clothes, gettin drunk, doin everything they can to stand out, but they so dont realize they doin it sooo wrong. But then again Jay, who's to blame here? It brings me right back to music.. part of that is music's fault, that kind of music that is made for wrong reasons.. money, fame, showin off, ect.. and kids just dont get it these days.. that's where it all starts, if u ask me.. But being cool aint about the looks, people u roll with or what u wear.. it's all in u.. It's all about being urself, like u've said.. even tho u gotta admit, it's hard. :) but we tryin, people keep tryin :)god bless ya all..