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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Avatar=Good Movie, definite 9/10 if you ask me, enjoyed the visual graphics, effects and creativity of the movie but couldnt help reflecting back to Africa and how it must have been back in the day when the Europeans first arrived on their campaign for mineral resources and slaves. I can imagine it was likewise with the Indians, so called (native americans).

Crazyness what mankind is capable of. Because of greed and the lust for wealth and power we can anialate cultures, tribes as if they never exhisted. Its a damn shame if you ask me becuz with all our science and technology of today, people from the ancient world still possessed more Knowledge, power and know how.

Oh well thats my view on the movie, Great Movie & a MUST SEE, will like to end this blog by sayin:

Burn Babylondem!

QOUTE OF THE DAY: Greed is mankinds biggest downfall!

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  1. Since u said it's a "must see" movie, im already downloadin ;) and imma give u a "piece of my mind then", ok? :P :)