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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Comon now, u dont think i'll do a new blogg which i know many people will visit and not take the opportunity to name Haiti and hopefully get some people to help out a little bit more? ama keep this post brief. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TEXT YELE TO 501501 as our brothers and sisters in Haiti desparetely need our help. It shouldnt even be a matter of choice but a matter of obligation. Being humane is'nt a right, its a obligation. Its no secret we live in a cold world so please lets atleast make it a little bit warmer for ourselves. After all! this is the world are children will grow up in so if not for us, lets make it easier for them. Text YELE to 501501 and donate $5. Thanks alot everyone. Much love & respect Jay Tose// AABT


Quote of The day: Actions Speak Louder than words.

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